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Aug 02, 2014: Abu Hamam, Syria
Hundreds of Syrians are shot, beheaded and
crucified by the Islamic State: 700 Killed

Religion of Peace
Atrocity of the Week Atrocity of the Week
Tajikistan: Cycling
Tourists Stabbed to Death Other Recent “Misunderstandings
of Islam”
2018.08.02 (Afghanistan)
Three foreign workers at a food company are abducted and executed by Islam militants. 2018.07.31 (Mali)
An al-Qaeda group ambushes an election convoy and kills four members. 2018.07.31 (Philippines)
A woman and child are among ten others eliminated by a suicide bomber. 2018.07.31 (Afghanistan)
Fifteen people are incinerated by a Fedayeen suicide bomber at a refugee administration building. 2018.07.31 (Afghanistan)
Women and children are among eleven ripped to shreds by a bomb attack on a passenger bus. 2018.07.30 (Afghanistan)
A candidate for parliament is blown up by a suicide bomber along with three family members.
(Note: Data for each attack is sometimes pulled from multiple  sources.  The provided link may not be in complete agreement with the updated detail for the incident).

Myths of Muhammad

Games Muslims Play

Myths of Islam

Snopes and Muhammad
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Wolfgang Sedlmeier
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June, 2018 US Senator Chris Murphy
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March, 2018 United Kingdom’s FCO
February, 2018 Lily Allen
January, 2018 Prince Charles
December, 2017

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